Volume 7, February 2010


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Artful Activities
Club Digital
Desktop Calendar Plopper
DSU Information
Featured Designer - Nicole Young
Featured Product - CD - Graphic & Grungy
Inspiration by Mandy and Meg
Inspiration Station
It’s Shop Time!

Letter from Team Digital - Elizabeth Weaver
Member Spotlight - Sue (hoozieg)
New to DSP
Useful Links
Newsletter Challenge
Newsletter Freebie - Nicole Young
Site News and Features
Store News
Upcoming Crops and Events


Letter from Team Digital - Elizabeth Weaver

    Zsymphony600doneFebruary is International “Try Something NEW!” month!

    Okay, you caught me. I just made that up. Though I didn’t Google it; for all I know it could be true. But really, it just occurred to me, and if you think a half second about it, every week in our lives, or at least every month, we should “try something new”. We get too caught up in the “gotta get this done” schedule, or the “I only wanna do things this way” mentality. I’m as guilty as anyone, and probably worse.

    Last fall my sister proudly announced that she had gotten us symphony tickets for the whole season.

    I was more than a little stunned.

    Symphony tickets? Of course I graciously smiled and asked how often the performances are and mentally calculated how many I could politely get out of. For those of you who don’t know me that well, I like heavy metal. And the kind of punk rock called ‘hardcore’. And definitely hard rock and positively classic rock and certainly psychedelic rock and absolutely without a doubt 1960s beat/pop music. Anything I could conjure up in my head about the symphony took me back to when I was eight years old in ballet and the city symphony played at our recital which was held at the city coliseum. Or so is my memory of it, which may be quite faulty as I’m much older than eight now.

    Well, upon further examination of the list of upcoming performances, one of them is a Beatles presentation. Oh, okay, so I might actually like that one. In fact, it sounds rather cool – they will have a tribute band playing along with the symphony. And the Holiday pop concert, well, okay, it’s Christmas music, right? I like that. And another is Star Wars music, and anyway, you can see where I’m going with this. We have already been to the Holiday concert – which was far from the stuffiness I was expecting with my preconceived notions of what the symphony might be! In fact, they hosted a “petting zoo” of instruments before the show, in which my daughter got to hold and try to play about a half dozen instruments like the violin, viola, flute, bass, and more. It was exciting, it was energetic, it was full of life, and all that even before we took our seats for the performance! The concert itself was thoroughly interspersed with comedic interjections and quite enjoyable. I loved watching all the different instruments and hearing the choir sing as well. In short, I discovered what the rest of the world knew all along – the love of hearing and seeing a great number of musical instruments played superbly by those whose passion it is to play them. More recently, we went to the Star Wars-themed presentation, and it too was quite entertaining, even though I’m not a particular fan of those movies.

    So I have a new motto: Try Something New. It might not be every day. It might not even be every week. But dangitall, it WILL be every month at the least. I’ll take my camera along for the ride. I’ll up and go somewhere I haven’t been, just because I can; in fact, I already have. I’m the pickiest eater in the world – but I’ll taste a new food, and actually I’ve already done that too. I’ll try new photography challenges; I’ll try new scrapping techniques. I have specific ones in mind but will not ignore new opportunities either. Once a month at the very least, I’ll tell myself, “Yep, stop and try this. Take the few minutes or the few hours out of the routine.” I know I’ll be glad I did, and I think you will as well! It’s such a mental refresh to add something new to your creative (or any) experiences.

    By the way, I have to miss the Beatles’ presentation, and I’m actually disappointed about that! I’ll be out of town. Overseas in fact. In England. Trying something new – travelling alone! Instead of the Beatles, I’ll listen to some of their contemporaries, The Troggs. (Wild Thing, Love is All Around, Night of the Long Grass, etc…) That won’t be new – I listen to them all the time; they’re my favourite 1960s beat group. But this won’t be a tribute band; it’ll be the real thing - as they’re on tour while I’m there!

    When you find something new and different or challenging that you want to share with others, post it at DSP and let us all give it a go too!

    Elizabeth Weaver
    Senior Designer

    Z's Links:
    Click here for her Team Digital Bio
    Click Here for her Personal Gallery
    Click Here for her Forum
    Click here for her Designer Gallery
    Click here for all her stuff in the store.

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 Site News and Features

New to DSP?

    New Member Information:

    Are you new to digital scrapbooking or new to DSP? Join Digital Elite Team (DET) members Sands and Mars for a New Member Chat. The chat is every other Friday at 10 pm EST (12th, 26th February - You'll find all the information here.

    Here is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions about DSP and digital scrapbooking. Whether it’s a question about navigating the site or how to get started, someone will be on hand to give you the answers.

    Posting Your First Layout:

    Are you thinking about posting your first layout? There's a special first layout challenge each months for you. Post your first layout to DSP this month and you may be a random winner for a free page kit!! You'll find all the information here.

    What’s Going On

    If you need to know what is going on, you need the What's happening at DSP thread or the Calendar.

    Welcome to DSP! We know you will love it!

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 Upcoming 2009 DSP Crops and Events

    Don’t forget, if you are planning a get together to put it in the Gathering and Support forum. There’s nothing like meeting DSPers in real life to learn new things, take great pictures and have a good laugh! Check out these upcoming gatherings!

    Although there is nothing on the calendar, although I hear that SO Cal will be posting some photwalk and crop plans for February shortly as of yet, keep popping in, there may be a few in the works.

    Please check n the Gathering and Support forum if you are interested in any crops that may be happening in your area.

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Member Spotlight: Sue a.k.a. hoozieg

    Hoozie-squareThis month we feature another super talented Sue, but you may know her better as hoozieg. (Pronounced hoozee - G)

    Susie gives a little insight into her quirky sense of humor when she says that her forte is paper style layouts and that her “graphics style sucks! I’m also pretty much a kit scrapper using just one kit on a layout. My kits are so disorganized I can’t find coordinating ones!” Funny girl that Sue!

    When asked where she finds her inspiration, her reply was: DSP of course! “There’s some grannies that inspire me too! They are great scrappers!”

    Sue describes herself as: “Kinda shy – until I get to know you, then watch out! Somewhat intelligent, but scatterbrained and disorganized (must be the ADD!). Love to learn and teach others about digiscrapping (Hi Mentees!) and wish I could make money doing it so I can help us afford this lovely house we just built in the mountains of Montana! I also like to make people laugh and enjoy people who make me laugh.”

    Aside from her delightful sense of humor, and her involvement at DSP, Sue is a talented digital scrapper and her gallery is packed with inspirational ideas. So be sure to check out hoozieg’s Gallery and read more about her on the Spotlight Page and then take part in the Scraplift the Spotlight Challenge. Congratulations, Sue, and thank you for sharing your talent with us as the February DSP Member Spotlight

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  Featured Designer - Nicole Young!

    Hey lovely ladies (and guys!  I know we have a few around here and that is just awesome!)  Just popping in here to say how excited I am about being the featured designer for February!  Woo hoo!!!  That rocks!  I always love perusing the gallery and seeing your layouts pop up using my kits!  You guys rock and its so fun to see my work in action everyday!!!  And lots of you have been totally inspiring me lately!  I have been seeing these Project 365 photos floating through the gallery and the great layouts you have made showcasing a YEARS worth of photo-a-days!  And WOW I am blown away!  So....for those of you that are procrastinators like me, I am starting Feb 1st on my own P365 challenge!  I am going to take a photo a day for the (keeping fingers, toes and hair crossed...) next 365 days!! EEEKKK!!!  NicolePicForNewsletterI don't know if I can do it!  I WANT to do it!  I BELIEVE I can do it!  But I need some moral support!  So COME JOIN ME and we can embark on this scary adventure together!  We can call it the Procrastinator's Project 365!  PP365 :)  Whadda ya think???  Will you join me???  Ok, then!  Come visit me in the Zero thread and we can dish on what we are taking photos of and share some of our favorites!!!  See you there!  MMWWAAHHH!!!!

    Note from the News Editor - Nicole has provided a wonderful desktop calendar and a newsletter freebie, so check them out.... AND she is providing some awesome bonuses for the Featured Designer Challenge! Nicole...YOU are awesome.


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Some Useful Links:

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New Products  Club Digital   Events   Freebies   Tutorials   Mentoring   Terms of Use   Contact Us

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Store News

The following is a small sample of some themes for February.  Be sure to check out our theme calendar for sales and fun!

Follow us on Twitter!

**************** February Themes *****************

Library Lovers Month: Read a book... create a book list... scrap your favorite books! 
Make a date with the family to go to the library, then read together.
Bake For Family Fun Month:  Bake a memory and scrap it or share your recipe with a friend.
Friendship Month:  Make a date to get out with your friends, scrap the memory and then share your page with them!

**************** Daily Suggestions *****************

**************** Sales *****************

Missed Em Monday Sales

    Missed Em Mondays
    Enjoy 20%-40% off Select Products

    Missed 'Em First time around?
    Here's your chance to grab some old but still great DSP products from past years by at great discount prices.
    Grab products released in the past.
    Discount varies according to the release date of the product.
    Each month there will be a Missed 'Em Monday Sale where you can delve into history and grab some great bargains.


 May you have an amazing 2010 from your DSP Store Staff



Club Digital

    Are you a member of the club?

    CL201002_sampleEnjoy February's issue of Club Digital. This month's Club Digital is pretty in pink tones from cherry to burgundy . One page kit is perfect to scrap your Valentine memories and the other has a more traditional heritage design in tones of pink and deep grey . There is a very useful hanging tab alphabet and a versatile elegant plopper in tones of grey which of course is perfect for recolouring also to any shade you desire. Add in some wonderful word art style stamps, the 3 photo quick click and shaped word art and of course there is a unique font and a fabulous set of word art to round out your layouts.

    Club Digital now comes in a choice of resolutions - Choose 200ppi or the new 300ppi version when you download.

    This months content includes

    • Keepsakes Page Kit
    • Love Post Page Kit
    • Grey swirl Plopper
    • Hanging Tab Alphabet
    • Pixie Dust Sentiments Stamps
    • Loving Word Art
    • DSP Font - DSPCarla
    • Layer it Up Quick Click

    Club Digital is the hottest club in town! Get your monthly fix of the best digital scrapbook products for an incredible price! Something to suit every style and level of digital scrapper!

    Club Digital includes two page kits, one plopper or overlay, a quick click template, an alphabet, some wordart, a font, and png stamps!
    As a Club member, you also receive an exclusive coupon for the DSP Shop and can enter an exclusive contest just for members (with great prizes)!

    Over $27 in value for the incredible price of only $5.99/month! (Or as low as $4.99 with longer subscriptions!) Club Digital is just $17.97 for three months ($5.99/month), $33.00 for six months ($5.50/month), or $59.88 for a full year ($4.99/month)!

    Plus, Club members can WIN! Purchase a three month subscription and you're entered to win a free upgrade to a six month subscription!
    Purchase a six month subscription and you're entered to win a free upgrade to a twelve month subscription!
    Purchase a twelve month subscription and you're entered to win a $30 coupon for the DSP store!

    Club Digital now comes in 2 resolutions. Choose either 200 or 300ppi from the drop down box to select your choice of resolution.

    File Size:
    200ppi : 44.30MB
    300ppi: 83.50MB



    Here is a selection of layouts created by the DSP Team Digital using this months Club Digital Selection.


Click here to find out more about Club Digital

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It's Shop Time!

Featured Product - Scraps of Style: Graphic and Grungy



    This CD is packed with stylish and trendy kits with that Graphic style and a hint of grunge. These kits will scrap photos from heritage to portraits , landscapes and beyond. See the downloadable 200dpi here and the 300dpi here

    This CD contains the following kits :

    • About a Butterfly
    • Beat the Blahs
    • Beyond a Dream
    • Distant Memory
    • Grungariffic
    • Intensity
    • Love Lies Bleeding
    • Red Hot Love
    • Rocky Road
    • Scrumptious Swirls
    • Very
    • Worn

    Scraps of Style: Graphic and Grungy

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WACOM with DSP Inside!:

    Wacom introduces the new line of Bamboo products with multi-touch and pen input. Use finger taps and hand gestures to navigate and perform simple commands like zoom, scroll, rotate and more. Or pick up the pressure-sensitive pen for precise control to edit photos, make sketches and mark up documents in your own handwriting. No matter how you use your computer, it just got a whole lot easier. See it in our store NOW!!

    And Bamboo Craft has DSP INSIDE!!!

    Bamboo Craft is designed specifically for the interests of hobbyists and crafters who benefit from Pen Input, along with the comfort of Multi-Touch for navigation. Bamboo Craft includes valuable tools for memory keeping and art projects, including inspirational ideas, a training DVD, creative software and much more. See it here...

    wacomboxfrontA few of the great resources inside the Bamboo Craft:

    • Software DVD (containing Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7.0 Win/6.0 Mac, Corel® Painter™ Essentials 4.0, Nik® Color Efex Pro™ 3.0 WE3)
    • DVD with 26 scrapbooking lessons from Jane Conner-ziser and a library of digital craft embellishments (FROM DSP!)
    • Offer for free 8" x 8" photo album from Shutterfly
    • Offer for free online store from Café Press
    • Offer for free one-year subscription to Scrapbooking & Beyond Magazine
    • Offer for free online training with DigitalScrapbookPlace.com

    Be sure to watch the videos of the great touch features. You'll love them!
    You might even find more surprises from DSP inside the box!

    See the DSP Forum HERE

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Shop Time Inspiration

    It’s time to SHOP… let’s get those baskets at the ready.

    The beginning of a new year and time to make some scrapping resolution!!? Time to commit to participating in Project 365. Check out the forum and the gallery for loads of great inspiration. There is also a wonderful Project 365 category in the store.

    Inspiration Station Calls for February will include:

    You know you can do a search for any color you want, it's so easy to find just the right products when you do a color search. Search for product for your project by color. Or check out the themed categories lately, you’ll find lots more kits plus some awesome word art, ploppers, alphas and wow – loads more ideas. It’s always really great to have some general page kits that can be used for just about anything!

    Gift Certificates Send anyone the perfect gift!! Gift Certificates are a wonderful way to say - Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, I Love You, or even Just Because!

    Did You Know...
    ...you can get to the store by typing shop.dsp.me in your browser URL bar? Get to the store even faster!

    Do you love the product you just purchased and want to tell others? Please consider doing a review ... pass the good word along! We love to hear from you.

    CD Spotlight



Click on the CD images to see the CDs in the store!!

Happy shopping


Inspiration for New and Advanced Digital Scrappers!

    Digi-Scrapper Inspiration by Meg and Mandy

    Sports layouts – A Win Win situation.

    Recreation and sporting interests are an important part of our lives – whether it’s a child’s swimming lesson, a school ball game, or something more serious; it all provides plenty of material for scrapbook layouts.

    For children, their sporting activities are usually a source of pride, and there can be nothing worse than someone who has no photographs of their sporting achievements, even certificates and badges never make up for that loss.

    A common feature of sports scrapbook layouts must be the usage of multiple photographs capturing the action and telling the story of the day. Taking photographs for sports layouts means that we need to consider a few different aspects:

    If it is a team sport, perhaps photographs of the whole team as well as our focal person. Uniforms, special outfits or costumes, the equipment, the spectators and venue all provide photographic opportunities. Photographs of the winner’s celebration and trophy or medals, or even capturing the disappointment of a loss reflected on the faces around you will all add to a layout and don’t forget to photograph the team mascots!

    Use team practice as your practice time.  Play with your camera settings or find places to stand and interesting angles to capture the action. Don't be afraid to climb on bleachers or peer around fences, you never know what might provide the perfect viewpoint.  When you get home, study the photos at thumbnail size first.  What jumps out at you?  Are there shots you want to try to duplicate?  Certain angles that look static in a photo, instead of providing the visual impact of action?  Jot down a few notes if you need to and take them along when you head out to a game or event.  On the actual game day, get a few shots off the field (or ice, or out of the pool, etc.) as the team prepares.  Pictures of the pre-game intensity and excitement should provide great close-ups full of emotion. 

    During the game or event, it is worth while taking lots of photographs so that you capture any special moments or highlights as they happen. Really, take LOTS of photos!  Expect a good majority of them to be blurry or otherwise unusable.  You'll want to take as many as you can, just for those few priceless moments of glory that you do capture.  Most likely, too, you will be using more photos than usual on your layouts, to convey the action.  Lack of focus can be disguised through clever cropping, or simply not important as the photos will be small.  Consider scanning or photographing memorabilia from the day.  Scorecards, race number tags, or a photo of a scuffed game ball are great additions for your page.

    Don’t delay in jotting down notes for the journaling (even get the person/child to talk about it so you can record their own impressions of the day). Make notes on things like the weather (if it’s a factor), size and attitude of the crowd, any special rituals associated with the event (like kissing a lucky teddy for luck). Are some sports or activities a traditional or seasonal activity in your family? Are children following in their parents footsteps, is it a shared passion or something unique to that individual?  And don't forget to add the date of the event!  You'll probably attend many, many sporting events that will result in similar photographs.  Be sure to note at which event these were taken and any highlights that occurred in that specific game.

    Once you have the photographs and journaling ideas, it is time for the fun part – creating the layout. Consider the photographs first – do you want the photos to be all the same size or different sized? Perhaps one larger main photo and then some shots showing the action. Cropping and resizing will give different perspective to the main photographs. Consider the positioning of the photographs, for example: try overlapping the photographs, angling them into an arty pile, or kept to neat parallel angles, or simply sticking to a neat grid.

    For inspiration, look at multiple photo sketches and a quick click template may well be worth every penny in terms of the time saved to get a classy, professional layout in next to no time. Finish it off with a creative title and you have captured a little piece of the events action that will allow family to enjoy and reminisce for years to come, and isn’t that the best part of being a scrapbook artist?

    Layouts by Meg and Mandy


    Create a great day!
    Meg and Mandy

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Artful Activities: Creating Moments into Memories

    When you first join DSP you want to devour every little bit of information there is and it seems a bit overwhelming at first but the absolutely best place to visit first off is the 'What's Happening' page, it's packed with useful information to help you choose to participate in a designer run challenge or contest or make a date to be at one of our awesome chat sessions. To find out the daily and weekly fun at DSP check out the calendar of activities, there's never a dull moment at DSP and you're sure to find something to your taste to challenge you artistically

    Coming Events:

    Keep watching for other upcoming events in February...

    Contests, Challenges and Chats

    • Designer Exclusives: Our Designers are the best there are and they are really generous, if you enter one of their challenges you’re more than likely to receive a chat and/or posting bonus just by using their nominated kit for the challenge. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – like more stash for less bucks with these great challenges.
    • Inspiration Station (IS News)
      This is a call to all dedicated DSP scrappers to ‘strut your stuff’ and inspire us with your creations. Just choose any or all of the calls for layouts the current month and you could be showcased in our Newsletter or Blog. We have a few rules so check them out and then join in the fun. Check out the current edition of Inspiration Station News or here for Previous Issues
    • Project 365 - a project for how YOU scrap. Check out our Project 365 chats and the Project 365 store category.
    • Scrapolution – It’s a DSP evolution, a scrapping revolution, and our New Year’s resolution:
      It's a SCRAPOLUTION!!
      It’s all about YOU, our members, our friends, making scrapping goals and Team Digital supporting, guiding, encouraging, joining, and cheering you on every step of the way. Check out the current themes and prompts.
    • Scrap with the DET – Digital Elite Team and DET Alumni
      Our past and current Elite group of scrappers have some great challenges going at the moment and you’re sure to get well chosen CC should you need it – learn from the best
    • Elite Challenges - be sure to check out the challenges run by our DET Alumni and DET.
    • The Grannies If you’re a Granny or a Granny In Training (GIT) or just a Wannabee, you might like to see what other Grannies are up to, what challenges they have going. There is never a dull moment when you join this happy band of digi scrappers.
    • IOTW - Item of the week – Abby
      The Item Of The Week is priced to sell and generally costs only a few cents; so create a LO using only the IOTW and be in a draw to win a free kit.
    • SNL - Saturday Night Live - MarsOlson & Debbers
      This is where anyone can create their own digital scrapbook kits to share with other SNL’ers, from elements and papers to word art.

    This is just a small selection of popular challenges that DSP currently has running but be sure to check all of them out here. And we have a special blinkie to place in your signature to always remind you where to find the best scrapbooking challenges on the web. Check the end of the first post in the What's Happening thread for the blinkie code.

    Happy Scrapping!

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  DSU Information


    It’s not too late for these February classes!  Late registration is open until the 5th. To register for these or future classes, please visit the DSP Shop!

    February Classes
    DSU130Corel Paint Shop Pro: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
    DSU160Adobe Photoshop Elements: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
    DSU195– Wacom & Creative Fun
    DSU211/311– Adobe Photoshop: Creating Digital Elements for Beginners and Advanced Users (self-paced)
    DSU261– Adobe Photoshop Elements: Creating Digital Elements for Beginners

    Be sure to visit DSU for information regarding these and our other great classes!

    We would love to hear your suggestions on future classes too.  Send your ideas to dsu@digitalscrapbookplace.com.

    We’re also looking for qualified DSU instructors! If you’re interested in teaching, please contact us for more information.

    DSU Dean

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Desktop Calendar Plopper

    A newsletter exclusive! Specially designed ploppers for your computer desktop. This month's lovely calendar is by Nicole Young. Download the plopper here! (Sizes: 800x600 and 1280x768 are included.)

    Add your pictures, angle and size them as you please, add journaling, and save it as a jpg. Then update your desktop wallpaper background by browsing to your new image! Voilà! Favorite photos matched with this month's calendar to help keep you up-to-date all month! Look for a new one each month in our newsletter!



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  Newsletter Challenge

    We are always striving to make our newsletter more interesting and useful. If you have an idea, let us know about it! If it's an article idea, a feature, even something you'd like to write, shout it out to us. So, put your thinking caps on and come up with some new features, article ideas, or something fun you'd like to see in our monthly newsletter. Then email it to comments@dsplace.com. (Please type "Newsletter IDEA" in the subject line of your email.) We can't wait to see your ideas!

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  Newsletter Freebie


    Exclusively for our newsletter readers, DSP Designer, Nicole has created this fabulous Quick Click. Grab the 200dpi HERE! and the 300dpi HERE!

    Thanks, Nicole, you are AWESOME as always!

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Many thanks to the newsletter Team:
Kim, Lauren, Lynnette, Meg, Mandy, Nicole not to mention our fearless leader, Margie!



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