Volume 7, May 2010


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Artful Activities
Club Digital
Desktop Calendar Plopper - Robyn Gough
DSU Information
Featured Designer - Robyn Gough
Featured Product - Military Mega Kit
Featured Challenge - Heritage Challenge
Inspiration Station
It’s Shop Time!

Letter from Team Digital - Tina Chambers
Member Spotlight - Sands (sands_healy)
New to DSP
Useful Links
Newsletter Challenge
Newsletter Freebie - Robyn Gough
Site News and Features
Store News
Upcoming Crops and Events


Letter from Team Digital - Tina Chambers

    TinaforNLMay makes me happy. I love the warm weather (but not the hot!), the new flowers, and singing birds. I love that school is almost out and our lazy summer days are about to start. I just love May!

    May is also for Mother's Day! What will you do special for Mom this year? Why not make her a scrapbook? You know she deserves it. You say you are too short on time for that? Ok, what about just a framed page, that won't take long! Or an album full of ploppers (shhh....she'll never know!). One of the best things about digital scrapbooking, is that once it's made... you can print it over and over. So, make an album for Mom and print another for Mother In Law, for Grandma, or for your sister who lives 8 states away.

    Check out the Hybrid Scrapbooking & Computer Crafts section of our site for lots more ideas!

    So, enjoy your May, I know I will! And while you are at it, make it special for mom too!

    Tina Chambers
    Senior Designer

    Tina's Links:
    Click here for her Team Digital Bio
    Click Here for her Personal Gallery
    Click Here for her Forum
    Click here for her Designer Gallery
    Click here for all her stuff in the store.
    Her Blog

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 Site News and Features

New to DSP?

    Posting Your First Layout:

    Are you thinking about posting your first layout? There's a special first layout challenge each month for you. Post your first layout to DSP this month and you may be a random winner for a free page kit!! You'll find all the information here.

    What’s Going On

    If you need to know what is going on, you need the What's happening at DSP thread or the Calendar. You can also find out what contests and challenges are due in the What’s Due thread.

    Welcome to DSP! We know you will love it!

    What’s DUE

    One of the fabulous new threads on the system is our What’s Due thread. In this thread, you can find out what contests and challenges are upcoming. Here are a few of the things people are saying about it:

    • Lauralou - I know how hard EVERYONE works to keep the members from getting confused, frustrated, and keep us involved, but THIS is above and beyond. I was thrilled to see the first page all up to date so I can print it out and keep it handy by my computer. I add in pencil as you add to this thread. So useful. A big THANKS, Mars, for taking on this challenge. I have entered more challenges last month (and purchased more) than in a long time.
    • sandygb - I agree with PQ, this is my favorite new feature on DSP. You are a gem!!!!
    • PQ - This is one of my most favorite things on the entire site. I look at it every single day......and every time I do I think, "Mars is SO smart."
    • GailS - OMG, this ROCKS! Thank you! No shortage of things to join in on - so easy to read through and not miss something! Mars, like Sam said, you are a gem!!!
    • Nekobus - No wonder my afternoon at work seemed to drag on. You used your god-like powers to stop time to get all this together.
    • Tara - I ditto what everyone else says! This is great and VERY useful for those who want to participate on the site, but have time constraints. It really makes it easy to determine what challenges one can actually participate in on any given week. What a lot of work for you, but thank you!
    • arunal - I LOVE THIS! Thank you! Everytime I'm fishing through the challenge list I'm always wishing for a list such as this.... you have made my wish come true! Woot!!

    So - get going on a few challenges, Ladies, there are tons of great ones :)

    Time for New Kids on the Block!!

    New Kids on the Block is a contest for those who are new to digital scrapbooking and want to learn more based on quality feedback and constructive critiques from experienced scappers. It is also a chance to meet new friends, become part of the DSP community and belong an alumni group when it's over. It’s on NOW - it’s happening NOW. New Kids is running from May 1st to May 22nd. If you are new, it is a great chance to get some good advice on your scrapping and this ia a great chance to get to know some of the

    If you aren’t a new kid anymore, you can still become an adoptive parent!! Check out the New Kid forum and find out more.

    You can find out more about NKOTB and eligiblity requirements HERE.

    You can find out more about the current contest dates and signups HERE.

    It’s not too late for National Scrapbooking Day (NSBD) Challenges!

    National Scrapbooking Day was on May 1st and you might be thinking WOW, I missed all the great stuff that goes on at DSP, but guess what!! You didn’t!! It’s STILL HAPPENING. Gail’s Post HERE lists all the challenges and their due dates - some go on as late as May 10th and there are some great prizes Sssnoo’s “Awkward Family Photo’s” challenge has a $10 gift certificate as the prize, for example.. 

    Welcome to DSP! We know you will love it!

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 Upcoming DSP Crops and Events

    Don’t forget, if you are planning a get together to put it in the Gathering and Support forum. There’s nothing like meeting DSPers in real life to learn new things, take great pictures and have a good laugh! Check out these upcoming gatherings!

    The New Zealand crop has been booked for May 30th. More information here. If you can attend there are a few spots open. Bendipez & Lynnie are attending from the U.S. and CathieMarie is attending from the U.K. Anymore travelers interested?

    Although there is nothing specific on the calendar, SO Cal will be hosting a crop for CathieMarie and an event for Jill W when they come out to visit, so keep an eye out on the So Cal Events forum.

    Bendipez is trying to organize a photowalk in Sydney between June 6th-June 10th. Click HERE if you are interested.

    Please check n the Gathering and Support forum if you are interested in any crops that may be happening in your area.

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Fantastic DET 11

    D.E.T. 11 has been flying ths month. Not only have they done some terrific layouts, they have started some great challenges. For those who don’t know the D.E.T.! These are DSP's Digital Elite Team, an elite team of DSP members who participated in the DET Contest and were selected by the Designers to represent DSP products in very talented ways. They are team members who showcase DSP products throughout their term on the DET.

    aj_trouble • flipjump • just-pjz • mcbowersox
    • SilverHealer • stitchmich • TalyQ
    • TracyMHunt

    Check HERE for some of the fantastic challenges they are running. Click HERE to find out more about our Digital Elite Team (DET) and our current members and HERE to see the amazing layouts they always produce.

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Site Upgrade

    Little did we know when we began our site upgrade that there would be a few glitches here and there that are taking just a little time to work out. The company that develops the software we use is working on it and will provide us updates as soon as they can. In the meantime here are some suggestions to get you through it:

    • Having issues with your gallery? Scrap a layout! Take advantage of the little holiday you are having here...
    • Can’t find your gallery or can’t find a layout in your gallery? Start a Scavenger Hunt challenge to find what you are looking for!
    • Does your gallery appear blank to you but everyone else can see it? It’s magic - take the show on the road
    • Do you want to make comments on your friend’s latest layout, but the sort in the gallery is random? Make random comments on older layouts like “Wow, I remember when you looked this young,” and “Hmmm, scrapping styles have changed, haven’t they!”
    • Are your albums all out in the open? Hey, accept it, all your layouts are tired of being hidden away, they just want to be seen!’
    • Does your gallery sort appear, well, unsorted? This is not a bug, this is a new feature. It provides you with opportunities to view older layouts that might otherwise be forgotten. (We’ll eventually get it fixed)

    Seriously, though, folks, we do appreciate your patience through this. If working 24 hours a day would get the site ‘back to normal’ we would be doing it, but we are waiting on the software developers to get some fixes in place.

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Member Spotlight: Sandy a.k.a sands_healy


    sands squarepsd

    This month’s super-talented, super-star, member spotlight is DSP’s very own Sands of the Desert.

    Sandy describes herself as: easy going, and says she wears her heart on her sleeve, “which sometimes isn’t a good thing.” Understandably, her family provides inspiration for many of the gorgeous layouts in her gallery.

    One look at some of her outstanding layouts though, and you get a glimpse of the person who also says: “I’m a perfectionist and very critical of my work and myself. I’m a very loyal and reliable person.”

    Looking for some inspiration? Then a good place to start looking would be by visiting Sand’s Gallery. Find out more about this interesting lady on the Spotlight Page and then take part in the Scraplift the Spotlight Challenge. Congratulations, Sands, and thank you for sharing your talent with us as the current DSP Member Spotlight

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  Featured Designer - Robyn Gough!

    The weather is getting cooler in our part of the world, the leaves are falling from the trees, but I amRobynPortrait2010-web sure flowers are starting to bloom in the Northern Hemisphere.

    I have had to slow down a bit over the last few months as I have a chronic illness which is making it difficult for me to stick to a regular routine. I will keep doing my challenges etc but may not do them as frequently as before as I have to time them around flare ups as best I can. I hope that those of you who have participated in my challenges does not get discouraged by the fact they are not as regular as before.

    The growth of social networking sites has added a new dimension to keeping in touch with DSP members and I have found it a lot of fun to see their Twitter and Facebook status updates and posts on Facebook. It is a lot of fun to be able to hear about each others daily lives as we keep in touch on those social sites as well as at DSP. Most of the designers now have a page on Facebook so they are a great way of keeping up with their sales, freebies and challenges. If you are a Facebook user feel free to 'Like' my Facebook Page to receive updates and add your layouts to the fan photos. You never know what unexpected surprises you may find on my Facebook Page! I also have a blog. If you prefer to receive RSS or email updates on all my latest news, feel free to sign up for them at my blog at www.robyngough.com. You will then receive timely notification of any freebies, sales and also challenges when you subscribe to my blog.

    Please always keep an eye out in my forum also for new challenges as while they are not as regular as before they will still be held as often as I am able. You may also have noticed that many of the designers now have their blog posts sent to their forums via RSS feed, so if you prefer to hang out at the forum you can still keep up with the latest by checking out the feed posts when they appear on the designer forums.

    I hope with the start of May you also enjoy much health and happiness! From our part of the world to yours, goodbye for now.


    Robyn Gough
    Senior Designer

    Note from the News Editor - Robyn has provided a wonderful desktop calendar and a newsletter freebie, so check them out.... AND you can earn free posting bonuses in this month’s Featured Designer Challenge!

    Robyn's Links:
    Click here for her Team Digital Bio
    Click Here for her Personal Gallery
    Click Here for her Forum
    Click here for her Designer Gallery
    Click here for all her stuff in the store.
    Her Blog

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Some Useful Links:

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Store News

The following is a small sample of some themes for this month.  Be sure to check out our theme calendar for sales and fun!

Follow us on Twitter!

**************** May Themes *****************

fun days this month (lots more!!)
National Photography Month

**************** A Few Daily Suggestions *****************

             2 May    Baby Day
            18 May  Twilight Zone Day
            25 May  Visit a Relative Day

            ... and much more!

**************** Sales *****************

Missed Em Monday Sales

    Missed Em Mondays
    Enjoy 20%-40% off Select Products
    Keep you eye on the calendar for the date

    Missed 'Em First time around?
    Here's your chance to grab some old but still great DSP products from past years by at great discount prices.
    Grab products released in the past.
    Discount varies according to the release date of the product.
    Each month there will be a Missed 'Em Monday Sale where you can delve into history and grab some great bargains.

Featured Designer Sale - Robyn Gough

Save 20% on Robyn’s products April 14h through 16th.



Club Digital

    Are you a member of the club?

    CL201005_sampleEnjoy May's issue of Club Digital . This month's Club Digital is designed in trendy tones of greens and browns with splashes of bright reds and aquas . The two kits coordinate beautifully for fun and funky layouts . There is a useful and up-to-the-minute styled overlay and a funky blue wood alphabet . Add to that a versatile quick click , some friendship word art and some useful stamps and of course the unique font and you have a great product to get give your scrapbooking a real boost .

    Club Digital now comes in a choice of resolutions - Choose 200ppi or the new 300ppi version when you download.

    This months content includes

    • Love In Bloom Page Kit
    • A Day in May Page Kit
    • Eternal Happiness Overlays
    • Icy Wood Alphabet
    • Certified Stamps
    • Good Friends Word Art
    • DSP Font - DSP Colleen
    • Mixed Up Polaroids Quick Click

    Club Digital is the hottest club in town! Get your monthly fix of the best digital scrapbook products for an incredible price! Something to suit every style and level of digital scrapper!

    Club Digital includes two page kits, one plopper or overlay, a quick click template, an alphabet, some wordart, a font, and png stamps!
    As a Club member, you also receive an exclusive coupon for the DSP Shop and can enter an exclusive contest just for members (with great prizes)!

    Over $27 in value for the incredible price of only $5.99/month! (Or as low as $4.99 with longer subscriptions!)
    Club Digital is just $17.97 for three months ($5.99/month), $33.00 for six months ($5.50/month), or $59.88 for a full year ($4.99/month)!

    Plus, Club members can WIN! Purchase a three month subscription and you're entered to win a free upgrade to a six month subscription!
    Purchase a six month subscription and you're entered to win a free upgrade to a twelve month subscription!
    Purchase a twelve month subscription and you're entered to win a $30 coupon for the DSP store!

    Club Digital now comes in 2 resolutions. Choose either 200 or 300ppi from the drop down box to select your choice of resolution.






    Here is a selection of layouts created by the DSP Team Digital using this months Club Digital Selection.


Click here to find out more about Club Digital

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It's Shop Time!

Featured Product - Military Mega Kit


    See the downloadable 200dpi here and the 300dpi here

    This exclusive DSP Designer mega kit is of a colossal size and is with super backgrounds and elements to create multiple albums full of layouts as a tribute to the military heritage of your family and friends . Additionally this kit is so versatile it can be used for modern and heritage photos of a non military nature. Its tones of khaki through to navy and cream combined with the many unique elements make this a must have purchase in your scrapbooking collection
    Mega Style, Mega Fun, Mega Value!!!
    Mega Kit contains:

    • · 42 wonderful backgrounds
    • · 2 alphabets
    • · 1 exclusive font
    • · nearly 100 quality unique elements

    Click Here to view the Contact Sheet for this Mega Kit

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WACOM with DSP Inside!:

    Wacom introduces the new line of Bamboo products with multi-touch and pen input. Use finger taps and hand gestures to navigate and perform simple commands like zoom, scroll, rotate and more. Or pick up the pressure-sensitive pen for precise control to edit photos, make sketches and mark up documents in your own handwriting. No matter how you use your computer, it just got a whole lot easier. See it in our store NOW!!

    And Bamboo Craft has DSP INSIDE!!!

    Bamboo Craft is designed specifically for the interests of hobbyists and crafters who benefit from Pen Input, along with the comfort of Multi-Touch for navigation. Bamboo Craft includes valuable tools for memory keeping and art projects, including inspirational ideas, a training DVD, creative software and much more. See it here...

    wacomboxfrontA few of the great resources inside the Bamboo Craft:

    • Software DVD (containing Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7.0 Win/6.0 Mac, Corel® Painter™ Essentials 4.0, Nik® Color Efex Pro™ 3.0 WE3)
    • DVD with 26 scrapbooking lessons from Jane Conner-ziser and a library of digital craft embellishments (FROM DSP!)
    • Offer for free 8" x 8" photo album from Shutterfly
    • Offer for free online store from Café Press
    • Offer for free one-year subscription to Scrapbooking & Beyond Magazine
    • Offer for free online training with DigitalScrapbookPlace.com

    Be sure to watch the videos of the great touch features. You'll love them!
    You might even find more surprises from DSP inside the box!

    See the DSP Forum HERE

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Shop Time Inspiration

    It’s time to SHOP… let’s get those baskets at the ready.

    The beginning of a new year and time to make some scrapping resolution!!? Time to commit to participating in Project 365. Check out the forum and the gallery for loads of great inspiration. There is also a wonderful Project 365 category in the store.

    Inspiration Station Calls for this month will include:

    You know you can do a search for anything using the advanced search feature located at the top right of your store page, right above the search box. For example ‘green Lauren’ will just return Lauren’s kits that have green in them, ‘hearts tina’ will return Tina’s kits with hearts in them. Try it, you’ll like it!! You can also check out the Site Map for some fabulous links.

    Gift Certificates Send anyone the perfect gift!! Gift Certificates are a wonderful way to say - Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, I Love You, or even Just Because!

    Did You Know...
    ...you can get to the store by typing shop.dsp.me in your browser URL bar? Get to the store even faster!

    Do you love the product you just purchased and want to tell others? Please consider doing a review ... pass the good word along! We love to hear from you.

    Happy shopping



Artful Activities: Creating Moments into Memories

    When you first join DSP you want to devour every little bit of information there is and it seems a bit overwhelming at first but the absolutely best place to visit first off is the 'What's Happening' page, it's packed with useful information to help you choose to participate in a designer run challenge or contest or make a date to be at one of our awesome chat sessions. To find out the daily and weekly fun at DSP check out the calendar of activities, there's never a dull moment at DSP and you're sure to find something to your taste to challenge you artistically. 

    Coming Events:

    Keep watching for other upcoming events this month...

    Contests, Challenges and Chats

    Stay current on challenges with the What’s Due thread, which will keep you up to date on all the challenges on the site and when they are due.

    • Designer Exclusives: Our Designers are the best there are and they are really generous, if you enter one of their challenges you’re more than likely to receive a chat and/or posting bonus just by using their nominated kit for the challenge. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – like more stash for less bucks with these great challenges.
    • Inspiration Station (IS News)
      This is a call to all dedicated DSP scrappers to ‘strut your stuff’ and inspire us with your creations. Just choose any or all of the calls for layouts the current month and you could be showcased in our Newsletter or Blog. We have a few rules so check them out and then join in the fun. Check out the current edition of Inspiration Station News or here for Previous Issues
    • Project 365 - a project for how YOU scrap. Check out our Project 365 chats and the Project 365 store category.
    • Scrapolution – It’s a DSP evolution, a scrapping revolution, and our New Year’s resolution:
      It's a SCRAPOLUTION!!
      It’s all about YOU, our members, our friends, making scrapping goals and Team Digital supporting, guiding, encouraging, joining, and cheering you on every step of the way. Check out the current themes and prompts.
    • Scrap with the DET – Digital Elite Team and DET Alumni
      Our past and current Elite group of scrappers have some great challenges going at the moment and you’re sure to get well chosen CC should you need it – learn from the best
    • Elite Challenges - be sure to check out the challenges run by our DET Alumni and DET.
    • The Grannies If you’re a Granny or a Granny In Training (GIT) or just a Wannabee, you might like to see what other Grannies are up to, what challenges they have going. There is never a dull moment when you join this happy band of digi scrappers.
    • IOTW - Item of the week – Abby
      The Item Of The Week is priced to sell and generally costs only a few cents; so create a LO using only the IOTW and be in a draw to win a free kit.
    • SNL - Saturday Night Live - MarsOlson & Debbers
      This is where anyone can create their own digital scrapbook kits to share with other SNL’ers, from elements and papers to word art.

This is just a small selection of popular challenges that DSP currently has running but be sure to check all of them out here. And we have a special blinkie to place in your signature to always remind you where to find the best scrapbooking challenges on the web. Check the end of the first post in the What's Happening thread for the blinkie code.

    Happy Scrapping!

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Featured Challenge - Heritage

    This spot will be used to feature some lesser known challenges that are loads of fun. Check them out and maybe post a layout or two in there this month.

    This month’s feature challenge is Meryl’s Heritage challenge, which has long been a staple here at DSP, but has not had much participation lately. We thought this would be a great month to feature the heritage chat, given the Military Mega Kit has so many fabulous heritage colours and elements, plus so many of our heritage pictures are military in nature.

    The Heritage Challenge has been around for a while and has provided tons of ideas for different heritage layouts, check out the heritage gallery for some great ideas. Theme’s have included:

    • The Great Outdoors
    • Celebrate
    • Great Groups
    • Love Story
    • Old Friends
    • Special Things

    Check out the store for Heritage Themed Kits...and participate in this month’s challenge - have some fun!

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  DSU Information


    It’s not too late for these April classes!  Late registration is open until the 5th. To register for these or future classes, please visit the DSP Shop!

    May Classes (late registration is May 1-5!)

    DSU130Corel Paint Shop Pro: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
    DSU160Adobe Photoshop Elements: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
    DSU195– Wacom & Creative Fun
    DSU198 – Storytelling
    DSU221/321 – Adobe Photoshop: Montage and Advanced Montage (self-paced)
    DSU261– Adobe Photoshop Elements: Creating Digital Elements for Beginners
    DSU351 – Photography: Home Lighting

    June Classes

    DSU110 – Adobe Photoshop: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
    DSU160Adobe Photoshop Elements: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
    DSU195– Wacom & Creative Fun
    DSU211/311– Adobe Photoshop: Creating Digital Elements for Beginners and Advanced Users (self-paced)
    DSU221/321 – Adobe Photoshop: Montage and Advanced Montage (self-paced)

    Be sure to visit DSU for information regarding these and our other great classes!

    We would love to hear your suggestions on future classes too.  Send your ideas to dsu@digitalscrapbookplace.com.

    We’re also looking for qualified DSU instructors! If you’re interested in teaching, please contact us for more information.

    DSU Dean

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Desktop Calendar Plopper



    A newsletter exclusive! Specially designed ploppers for your computer desktop. This month's lovely calendar is by Robyn Gough. Download the plopper here! (Sizes: 800x600 and 1280x768 are included.)

    Add your pictures, angle and size them as you please, add journaling, and save it as a jpg. Then update your desktop wallpaper background by browsing to your new image! Voilà! Favorite photos matched with this month's calendar to help keep you up-to-date all month! Look for a new one each month in our newsletter!


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  Newsletter Challenge

    We are always striving to make our newsletter more interesting and useful. If you have an idea, let us know about it! If it's an article idea, a feature, even something you'd like to write, shout it out to us. So, put your thinking caps on and come up with some new features, article ideas, or something fun you'd like to see in our monthly newsletter. Then email it to comments@dsplace.com. (Please type "Newsletter IDEA" in the subject line of your email.) We can't wait to see your ideas!

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  Newsletter Freebie



    Exclusively for our newsletter readers, DSP Designer, Robyn has created this fabulous alpha Grab the 200dpi HERE and the 300dpi HERE!

    Thanks so much, Robyn!

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Many thanks to the newsletter Team:
Kim, Lauren, Lynnette, Mandy, Mars, Robyn not to mention our fearless leader, Margie!



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