Volume 7,September 2010

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Letter from Team Digital -Christine Gundersen Go Utes!

    Herein my part of the US, September means it is time to go back to school,get out the warm, fuzzy clothes and enjoy the harvest seasons, plusdon't forget FOOTBALL! In my house, we arealready gearingup to cheeron our beloved University of Utah Utes!

    Allof these things remind me of familyand of course, pictures!Earlier today I was remembering a 2page spread I did about going toone of the football games. I looked andlooked but couldn't find itanywhere, finally realizing that the 2 pages were part of the 100+pages I lost when my son dropped my external hard drive, a couple ofyears ago.....and I hadn't backed up for a couple of months. Over 100pages GONE, what a devastating loss to me. Thankfully I still have thepictures and most of the layouts are in my DSP gallery, so I canrebuild them if I want, but still, so much time and effort camecrashing to the floor that day. Since then, I am practically neuroticabout backing up. My most important things have at least 3 copies, twoof which are in a locked, fire-proof safe and since getting a horriblecomputer virus last February, I make sure to back up weekly. (Anotherlong and painful story. LOL) Today, I rebuilt the 2 football pages,making small changes, but hopefully you can learn from me and BACK UP!

    HappyScrapping...... and GO UTES! :)

    ChristineGundersen, DSP Senior Designer


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SiteNews and Features

Newto DSP?

    PostingYour First Layout
    Are you thinking about posting your first layout? There's a specialfirst layout challenge each month for you. Post your first layout toDSP this month and you may be a random winner of a free page kit!

    What’sGoing On
    If you need to know what is going on, you need the What's Happening at DSPthread or the Calendar. Youcan also find out what contests and challenges are due in the What’s Duethread. Try out a few challenges, there are some great ones!

    TheBuzz for Newbees and OldbeesChat for new members (and old members too!)
    Every Wednesday at 10 pm EST
    Everyone Welcome!

    If you are new to digital scrapbooking or new to DSP, or if you've beenaround DSP for awhile but love to meet and help new members, join us inchat!

    DSP is a big busy site! Are you beewildered? Do you have questions? Howto get around the site? How to enter challenges? Where to start? Joinus in chat to find out more about the site and digi-scrapping! We'llorient you to some of the features of DSP and answer questions to helpyou feel more comfortable getting around and finding what you need.

    Welcometo DSP! We know you will love it!

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UpcomingDSP Crops and Events

Scrapthe Map tour sponsorannounced: Adobe Systems!

Readthe great news about Adobe sponsoring the DSPdigiscrapping tour and find outhow you can win Adobe software!
Follow the journey at Scrap the Mapand in our DSP Forums!

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 Member Spotlight: Sharona.k.a Sharon1313


    Thismonths DSP Member Spotlight describes herself as: creative,compassionate and happy; as well as a mom, wife, business coach,teacher and, problem-solver… I am of course talking aboutnone other than Sharon1313.Sharon describes her scrapping style is a mix of paper and graphicstyles that doesn’t “make sense” in arealistic way. “I use whatever style I think will look goodin that particular layout. I’m not good with fantasy layouts.My stuff is more straightforward. Visually, my inspiration is thingslike magazine ads and posters. I’m drawn to really greatgraphic design. From a content standpoint, I’m inspired totell stories so that my daughter and future generations can know moreabout their family,” said Sharon.Be sure to check out Sharon’sGallery andread more about her on the SpotlightPage, thentake part in the Scrapliftthe Spotlight Challenge threadbefore the end of September and you could be a random winner of a DSPstore coupon!

    CongratulationsSharonand thank youfor sharing your talent with us as thecurrent DSP Member Spotlight!

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 Digi-ScrapperInspiration by Mandy

    ScrapYour Map
    WithMargie and the DSP Bus (well technically we know it’s an RVbut I am using a little creative license here) literally Scrapping theMap as she crosses America to bring DSP to the people…Itseems like a really good time to Scrap Your Map. 

    Maplayouts are a fantastic way to showcase a trip; they make stunningalbum covers; or, like me, you can use a map layout to showcase aspecial event, special month or season in an area.

Scrap Your Map

    Forthose living in the USA, peek in the DSP Store and you might be luckyenough to find one of Elizabeth Weaver's 12 x 12 templates that willassist you. (Currently there are templates for the states of: Ohio, Pennsylvania, WestVirginia and Texas).

    If youare starting from scratch, Google yourself a map of the area orcountry you want to use and create your outline from that. Once youhave your outline use that to make a clipping mask, or cut a shape froma background that you can position a compilation of photos behind (likea plopper). The other option is to cut a background mat of a differentcolored paper into that shape and position your photos on top, keepingmost within the boundaries of the map and just the odd corner of one ortwo photographs hanging over the edge. 

    ThisSeptember, why not join in the fun and Scrap Your Map for my ScrapYour Map Challenge?

    Inspiration pieces:
    TexasTravelling - um, traveling byElisabeth  and  Australia2010 by mini-donut

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 Featured Designer- Erica Belton

    Septemberalready! For us in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring is just around thecorner, well, so we’re led to believe, if only this cold snapwould hurry and move on. The cross over of seasons for both hemispheresbrings with them their special tasks around the house, garden or whereever our life needs adjustment. For me it’s ‘springclean’ time, I’m clearing out all the old andunused items I’ve accumulated over the past 12 months or makethat years for some things, that I no longer need. Some will getre-cycled by having a garage sale, some will be thrown away and somejust may find their way back into my home and heart to gather dustagain. Me! A hoarder! No way.

    Lookingback over the past few months of 2010, I have a lot of happymemories to be grateful for. The beginning of the year saw Ian and I inSydney at a granddaughters 21st where we had a very special time withfamily and old friends. Rugby season and my grandson Lee joined hisvery first Rugby club, what fun watching these earnest small children,from the sidelines, chasing after a ball and seeing the big smiles ontheir faces when they get it. May was our New Zealand DSP Crop held inAuckland, we had visitors from the US, England the South Island and asfar south as Wellington. It was great to finally put a face to thenames, we had great fun, the accommodation was perfect and the companywas even better. Mid winter and Ian and I spent an idyllic week at ourtime share on a small tropical island called Malolo Lailai, part of theMamanuca group of Islands off Fiji. Now we’re on the downhillrun to our summer in the antipodes and the much-anticipated warmerweather!

Fiji Corkboard Pin Up 1Fiji Corkboard Pin Up 2

    Thisyear has also brought me closer to my past; I have beenresearching my family history and am amazed at how little I knew aboutmy ancestors. Researching by way of Births, Deaths and Marriage dataand censuses. In Britain censuses are/were taken every 10 years soI’ve read about a Great Great Great Grandfather’sbirth in 1804, seen him become a scholar, work on the land as ateenager, get married, have children, reach old age and ultimately die.I visited the places he lived through Google Earth, read about hissiblings, his wife, his children, so I feel I know him as much as I cangiven the time span. All this in 10-year steps. It’s very sadfor me to think that I never even knew this man existed a few monthsago and yet here I am, going through a sort of mourning process for himand all my other new found ancestors, this feeling is something I neverexpected when I started my genealogy journey. I have learnt to questioneverything relatives have told me in the past about long dead familymembers, hearsay, stories and the faded memories of the livingcan’t be trusted, some things I had been told, I find to betotally differentwhen confronted with hard fact.

    Thank you for taking part in Erica’s Everyday Events and myWhat Now Challenge. I feel blessed that I am part of your lives if onlyin a small way with the designs that I create.

    Erica Belton
    DSP Senior Designer

    Notefrom the News Editor - Erica has provided a wonderful desktop calendarand a newsletter freebie, so check them out below... AND you can earnfree posting bonuses in this month’s Featured Designer Challenge


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    Thefollowing is a small sample of themes for this month. Check out our theme calendarfor sales and fun!

    ****************Themes *****************

    Father'sDay (in Australia & New Zealand)
    Teddy Bear Day
    Grandparents Day
    Stepfamily Day
    Talk Like a Pirate Day
    Ancestor Appreciation Day

    **************** Sales*****************

    September 17-19 -Featured Designer Erica Belton
    September 12- Suzanne Walker's Designer Birthday Bash Sale

    September 27 -MissedEmMonday Sale
    Enjoy 20%-40% off Select Products
    Missed 'Em First time around?
    Grab some old, but still great, DSP products from past years at greatprices.
    Discount varies according to the release date of the product.


      Areyou a member of the club?

      Club Digital

        Youwill love the warm, early autumn tones of theSeptemberissue of Club Digital

        Thismonth's clubcolor scheme is rich with falltones. It includes two versatile kits that will work for many differenttheme layouts and also includes a nature-themed plopper.In addition, the fall theme is evident in the Bare Branchesalphabet. Don't forget the great frame edge stamps and useful back toschool word art and, as always, we include a great quick click for youtouse to create your own unique layout where the design work has alreadybeen done for you.This month we also have an exclusive font.

        This month's Club Digitalcontent includes

        ~In Natures Time Page Kit
        ~What a Character Page Kit
        ~Country Stream Plopper
        ~Bare Branches Alphabet
        ~A Little Edgy Stamps
        ~School Rocks Word Art
        ~DSP Sam Font
        ~Galoopy Quick Click

        Club Digitalcomes in a choice of resolutions- Choose 200ppi or 300ppiversion when you download.

      Hereis a selection of layouts created by Team Digital using this month'sClub Digital products.

    Club Digital Pages

      ClubDigital is the hottest club in town! Getyour monthly fix of the best digital scrapbook products for anincredible price of $5.99/month or less! Something to suit every styleand level of digital scrapper!

      ClubDigital includes two pagekits, one plopper or overlay, a quick click template, an alphabet, somewordart, a font, and stamps!
      As a Club member, you also receive an exclusivecoupon for the DSP Shop and canenter an exclusivecontest!

      Over$27 in value, Club Digital isjust $17.97 for three months ($5.99/month), $33.00 for six months($5.50/month), or $59.88 for a full year ($4.99/month)!

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      Purchase a twelve month subscription and you're entered to win a $30coupon for the DSP store!

    Click here tofind out more about Club Digital

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    It'sShop Time!

    Featured Product - Scraps of Life: Motivational CD

      Motivational CD

      ScrapsLife - Motivational CD only $19.95!
      You choose: Downloadable (300ppi)- Downloadable (200ppi)- CD by Mail (300ppi)- CD by Mail (200ppi)

      The12kits inthis wonderful CD are all perfect for scrapping those inspirationalmoments.  


      ~Beautiful Hope ~ Be Joyful ~ Blessed Be ~ Dreamers Wings ~ DreamingHope ~ Flowers of Tomorrow

      ~Inspired by Nature  ~ My Faith ~ One Person ~ Remember theDream ~ Soul Happiness ~ You're my Inspiration

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    DigitalScrapbook University

      Digital Scrapbook University

      DSU101 - Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking(FREE CLASS AVAILABLE NOW!)
      Start here! This free class is an online article that walks you throughdigital scrapbooking step-by-step and explains all the basics fromsoftware and graphics to printing and sharing. It is always availablefrom this page and www.digitalscrapbooking101.com!


      It’snot too late forthe September classes!  Late registration is openuntil the 5th.

      DSU110– Adobe Photoshop:Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
      DSU160 –AdobePhotoshop Elements: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
      DSU195 –Wacom & Creative Fun
      DSU361– Adobe Photoshop Elements: Creating Digital Elements forAdvanced Users (NEW!)


      DSU110– Adobe Photoshop: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
      DSU130– Corel Paint Shop Pro: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
      DSU195– Wacom & Creative Fun
      DSU198– Storytelling
      DSU211/311 –Adobe Photoshop: Creating Digital Elements for Beginners and AdvancedUsers (self-paced)
      DSU220– Adobe Photoshop: Brushes
      DSU221/321– Adobe Photoshop: Montage and Advanced Montage (self-paced)
      DSU270– Adobe Photoshop Elements: Brushes

      Besure to visit DSUfor information regarding these and our other great classes!
      We would love to hear your suggestions on future classes too. Send your ideas to dsu@digitalscrapbookplace.com.
      We’realso looking for qualified DSU instructors! If you’reinterested in teaching, please contact us for more information.

      DSUDean - www.digitalscrapbooku.com

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    WACOMwith DSP Inside!:

      Bamboo Craftis designed specifically for the interests of hobbyists and crafterswho benefit from Pen Input, along with the comfort of Multi-Touchfor navigation. Bamboo Craft includes valuable tools for memory keepingand art projects, including DSP inside! See it in our store now!
      wacomboxfrontAfew of the great resources inside the Bamboo Craft:

      • Software DVD(containing Adobe®Photoshop® Elements 7.0Win/6.0 Mac, Corel® Painter™ Essentials 4.0,Nik® Color Efex Pro™ 3.0 WE3)
      • DVD with 26scrapbooking lessons and alibrary of digitalembellishments
      • Offer forfree8" x 8" photo album from Shutterfly
      • Offer forfreeonline store from Café Press
      • Offer forfreeone-year subscription to Scrapbooking & Beyond Magazine
      • Offer forfree onlineclass at DSP

      Be sure towatchthe videos of the great touch features. You'll love them! You mighteven find more surprises from DSP inside the box! Click to read more in the DSP Forum.

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    It'stime to SHOP...let's get those baskets ready!

      Needsomemotivation? Commit to Project 365.Check out the forumand galleryfor loads of great inspiration. There is also a wonderful Project 365 categoryin the shop.

      Youcansearchfor anything in the shop using the advanced search featurelocated at the top right of your shop page, right above the searchbox. For example ‘green Lauren’ will justdisplay Lauren’s kits that have green in them.‘Hearts Tina’ will display Tina’s kitswith hearts. Try it! 

      Sendanyone theperfect gift! Gift Certificatesare a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, I LoveYou, or even Just Because!

      Didyouknow youcan get to the shop by typing shop.dsp.mein your browser URL bar? Get there faster!

      Do youlove theproduct you just purchased and want to tell others? Please considerdoing a review!Pass the good word along! We love to hear from you.

      Here’ssome store inspiration for this month.Happy shopping!

      School PS actions milestones
      - *Scraps of Style - Shabby Chic (Downloadable 200)*Scraps of Style - Storybook Fantasies (Downloadable 200)

    ArtfulActivities: Creating Moments into Memories

      Whenyou first join DSP, you want to devour every little bit of informationthere is and it can be overwhelming. The best place to start is the What's Happeningpage. It's packed with useful information about challenges, contests,and chats. Check out the calendarof scheduled activities, there's never a dull moment at DSP and you'resure to find something to challengeyou artistically. 

      Contests,Challenges, and Chats

      Stay current onchallenges with the What’s Due thread,which will keep you up to date on all the challenges and due dates.

      • Designer Exclusives- Our Designers are the best and they are really generous. If you enterone of their challenges you’re likely to receive a chatand/or posting bonus just by using their nominated kit. You havenothing to lose and everything to gain – like more stash forless bucks with these great challenges.
      • Inspiration Station (IS News)- This is a call to all dedicated scrappers to ‘strut yourstuff’ and inspire us with your creations. Just choose any ofthe calls for layouts for the current month and you could be showcasedin our Inspiration Station or Blog. We have a few rules so check themout and then join in the fun. Check out the current edition of Inspiration Station News or Previous Issues
      • Project 365- A project for how YOU scrap. Check out our Project 365 chatsand the Project 365 store category.
      • Scrapolution– It’s a DSP evolution, a scrapping revolution, andour New Year’s resolution: It's a SCRAPOLUTION!!
        It’s all about YOU, our members, our friends, makingscrapping goals and Team Digital supporting, guiding, encouraging,joining, and cheering you on every step of the way. Check out thecurrent themes and prompts.
      • Scrap with the DET– Digital Elite Team and DET Alumni
        Our past and current Elite group of scrappers have some greatchallenges going at the moment and you’re sure to get wellchosen CC should you need it – learn from the best
      • Elite Challenges -Be sure to check out the challenges run by our DET Alumni and DET.
      • The Grannies Ifyou’re a Granny, a Granny In Training (GIT), or just aWannabee, you might like to see what the Grannies are up to, whatchallenges they have going. There is never a dull moment when you jointhis happy band of digi scrappers.
      • IOTW - Item of the week– The Item Of The Week is priced to sell at 99 cents! Pluscreate a layout using the IOTW and be in a drawing to win a free kit.

    This is just asmall selection of challenges at DSP, so see them all here.We also have a blinkie to place in your signature to remind you whereto find the best scrapbooking challenges on the web. Check the end ofthe first post in the What's Happening threadfor the blinkie code.

      Happy Scrapping!

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    Featured Challenges

    • 2 Page Sketch Challenge
      Join Julia (webfrau) for this monthly challenge. Use thechosen two-page sketch to create a cohesive double page spread for yourscrapping projects.

    • Digital Elite TeamContest
      Don'tmiss the DET Contest to see amazing scrapbook pages andnew ideas! The cream of the crop, those chosen for theDigital Elite Team showcase the creations of our DSPDesigners.

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    DesktopCalendar Plopper

    September 2010

    Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

    A newsletterexclusive! Speciallydesigned ploppers for your computer desktop wallpaper. These calendarswere made by Erica Belton.  Download the ploppers by clicking hereor on the image above. (Sizes included: 1280x768, 1440x900, and1650x1080)

    Add yourpictures, resize them as youplease, add journaling, and save it as a jpg. Then update your desktopwallpaper background by browsing to your newimage! Voilà! Your favorite photos matched withthis month's calendar to help keep you up-to-date all month! Look for anew one each month in the newsletter!

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      We can't wait to see your ideas!


      Splatter One

        Exclusively for our newsletter readers, Designer Erica Belton hascreated this Splatter One Quick Click.  New and need helpusingit? Check out our tutorialsfor your software program to get started!

       Manythanks to the newsletter team: Kim, Lauren, Christine, Lynnette, Mandy,Mars, Chris, Erica, and Margie

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