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Letter from Team Digital   Margie
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Margie Letter from Team Digital - Margie Lundy

2011 has flown by for me. Maybe it's because 18 states have flown by my window this year in our quest to Scrap the Map! Or maybe it's because we reached a big milestone in the shop as ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS have flown off our shelves! Or maybe it's all the new things around DSP, new members,new designers, new products, new projects, new events, new scrapbook pages... Yep, I think all of the above have made 2011 fast AND fun!

We now have over 178,000 members in the forum, friendly faces that are helpful and fun to hang out with online. We love seeing new designers Jeanet Almhøj and Lora Speiser's great products in the shop. We've added great new products and entire categories to the shop. Check out our creative home decor category, featuring vinyl wall art, photo alphas, photo words, and hand-crafted signs. Don't just keep these works of art in your scrapbooks, decorate your entire home! We even have lovely artisan necklaces you can wear. Of course all of these make great gifts too! 

As always, our designers continue to create amazing graphics for your pages. Some of this year's popular Mega Kits are Genealogy, Wedding Day, Photographers Essentials, School Days, and Being Grateful. My favorite CDs are Sports, Friends, and Christmas Memories. Check out all the designs in the shop. With over 10,000, you're sure to find what you need! Try the search box on the top right to find just the right graphics for your photos.

This year saw some creative Project 365 endeavors in the gallery (and lots of P365 products in the shop!). Check out Designer Lauren Bavin's weekly Auckland New Zealand beach layouts, CarolAnn Gary's You Know You Are In Portland If weekly series, and Christine Gundersen's weekly Life As We Know It pages. Check out all of the different ways of documenting daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly photos. We've also been inspired daily by Layouts of the Day, member-chosen Wonders of the Week and participants in contests like the Scrappy Awards (check out overall winner Terryl's layout!), all showcasing the amazing talent we have in the gallery thanks to all of YOU!

There's just SO much happening at DSP. No wonder the year has passed by so quickly! We hope your 2011 was wonderful and your 2012 is even better!

Margie's Links:
Team Digital Bio
Personal Gallery

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Site News and Features

New to DSP?

Posting Your First Layout:

Are you thinking about posting your first layout? There's a special first layout challenge each month for you. Post your first layout to DSP this month and you may be a random winner for a free page kit!! You'll find all the information here.

What's Going On

If you need to know what is going on, you need the What's Happening at DSP thread or the Calendar. You can also find out what contests and challenges are due in the What's Due thread.

What's DUE

If you are looking to find out what challenges are due when then the What’s Due thread is the thread you need to check out. In this thread, you can find out what contests and challenges are coming up. So - get going on a few challenges, Ladies, there are tons of great ones :)

The Buzz for Newbees and Oldbees Chat for new members (and old members too!)
Every Wednesday at 10 pm EST
Everyone Welcome!

If you are new to digital scrapbooking or new to DSP, or if you've been around DSP for a while but love to meet and help new members, join us in chat!

DSP is a big busy site! Are you beewildered? Do you have questions? How to get around the site? How to enter challenges? Where to start? Join us in chat to find out more about the site and digi-scrapping! We'll orient you to some of the features of DSP and answer questions to help you feel more comfortable getting around and finding what you need.

Welcome to DSP! We know you will love it!

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The 2012 Scrappy Awards


Each January, the digital scrapbooking community and fans around the world turn their attention to the Scrappy Awards. Interest and anticipation builds to a fevered pitch leading up to the live chat on January 28th, when hundreds of millions of scrapbooking lovers log in to participate in the glamorous ceremony and learn who will receive the highest honors in digital scrapbooking.

The Scrappies reward the previous year’s greatest digital scrapbooking achievements as determined by some of the world’s most accomplished digital designers.

Awards are presented for outstanding individual efforts in 18 categories. Judges select winners from three nominees in each category, the only exception being the Best Overall Layout category, for which the winner is selected from the nominees of all other categories.

[NOTE: As the Scrappies were previously held in June, this year's Awards will include ONLY layouts made in the last six months, since the last ceremony.]
[NOTE 2: My thanks and apologies to the Oscar Awards website, from which I blatantly plagiarized and altered their informational write up!]

Please join us for what is sure to be Digital Scrapbook Place's most glamorous Awards ceremony yet!

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New Kids on the Block

What is a New Kid? Who ARE the New Kids? Are YOU a New Kid?

New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) is a contest for those who are new to digital scrapbooking and want to learn more based on quality feedback and constructive critiques from experienced scrappers. It is also a chance to meet new friends, become part of the DSP community and belong to an alumni group when it's over. The contest begins in February, but look for signups and more information early in January.

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Member Spotlight – Jennilynn10

DSP Member Spotlight for January is Jennifer a.k.a. jennilynn10 Check out her gallery here.

Starting off the New Year, the spotlight falls on a super talented member, jennilynn10. For some insight into the woman behind the gallery of lovely layouts: Jennifer is as a devoted mother and wife, who says she tries to be a caring and compassionate person, but admits that she also really enjoys being a total goofball at times.

Jennifer's gallery reflects that fact that she generally creates paper-style layouts with the occasional fantasy-style page thrown in for good measure. “That versatility is one of the things I love most about digital scrapbooking,” says Jennifer, who made her first digital layout following a DSP tutorial and never went back to paper scrapping after that. “My inspiration usually comes from photos of my children. I am also very inspired by the wonderful digital kits at DSP and the layouts posted by other DSP members. I usually start with the photo and find the kit to match. Sometimes I find a DSP kit that I just HAVE to buy, and then I'll find a photo to go with it.” As for a favorite layout, Jennifer says she can't pick just one favorite among her layouts explaining: “For me it's like trying to pick a favorite among many friends.”

Congratulations and thank you Jennifer for sharing you wonderful talent as our first DSP Member Spotlight of 2012. Read more about Jennifer on the Spotlight Page, visit Jennifer’s Gallery. Then join the Scraplift the Spotlight Challenge for your chance to win a lucky draw DSP Store Voucher. With a gallery that is just simply packed with outstanding layouts I know Jennifer will provide DSP members with inspiration to kick-start their digi-scrapping for the year!

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Featured Designers

Erica Erica Belton

Making a realistic water droplet.

Using Photoshop CS3 and a photo of your choice, I'm going to show you how to create a realistic water droplet.

This tutorial should work with any PS programmes that have the mentioned processes available.

Step 1 Choose a photo that you think will look good with water droplets; I have chosen a photo of leaves.

Step 2 Next Duplicate your photo by right clicking on it and selecting Duplicate Layer from the drop down menu. This gives us a background copy to work on, never work on the original. You can switch the original off if you want to.

Step 3 Create a new Layer above your background copy.


On your new layer and using the Elliptical Marquee Tool draw an oval shape. This is our basic water droplet.
Using the Gradient Tool and the black/white gradient, drag inside the selection from a black gradient to grey, see example. In the Layers Blend Mode panel choose Overlay.

Step 4 Keeping the oval droplet layer selected go to your Layers Style Menu and select Drop Shadow and apply the parameters shown here.
Next choose the Layer Style Inner Shadow with the parameters shown here.
The next Layer Style we are going to apply is Inner Glow. Change from the default colour and click on the Gradient button and choose black grading to clear and the parameters shown here.
Step 5 With the water droplet layer still selected, go to Filters, Blur, Gaussian Blur and apply the parameters as shown here to soften the edge. About 1.8.

Step 6 Create a new layer above the water droplet and select a Soft Round brush from your brush tools, the size you choose will depend on the size of your droplet. Select white as your foreground colour and just dot your droplet with the brush to replicate a highlighted source. You can add a Gaussian Blur if the brush isn't soft enough.

Step 7 We need to add a bit of shape to our droplet to make it more realistic. With the water droplet layer selected, go to Filters, Distort, Wave and apply the parameters as shown here. You can play around with these parameters to get the shape you like. You may have to reposition the white brush highlight after reshaping the droplet.
And here is the finished water droplet on our leaf.

Tutorial Created by Erica Belton – Senior Designer

Erica's Links:
Team Digital Bio
Personal Gallery
DSP Products

Kim Liddiard

Kim Welcome 2012 - A New Year for More Memories Happy New Year! Another year of memories has just begun! I would like to encourage you in your quest to preserve those memories for your loved ones and friends.

The following list are some items I think are important as you commemorate the events of your lives this year. I hope they serve as an inspiration and help to you whether you scrapbook, life book, or just journal.

Memory preservation is an art form. But, don't think you have to be an artist master to create beautiful pages that everyone will love and enjoy!

1. Clear the Slate / Empty your Mind

I think the biggest hurdle most of us face in the creative process is just clearing our slate/palette, whatever you want to call it. Sometimes what hinders us most in our artistic process is all of the day to day junk we have rolling around in the steel trap that is our mind.

If you find you are creatively blocked, just take a quick 5 minutes to sit down and dump out all the cares and woes on a blank piece of paper. This process can be in sentence form like journaling, a mind map, doodles, scribbles, a to-do list, rambling thoughts, whatever is on your mind at the moment. The important thing to remember is to just get it out of your head and on to paper. You'd be surprised at how this little exercise can increase your creative thinking!

2. Capture Those Moments - Big or Small

Our memories are made up of all kinds of moments. Take time to celebrate the moments from the everyday to the big events. Photos are generally the easiest way to capture these snips of time. Many of us now have cell phone cameras that take decent pictures and can help us record the moment if we don't have our more serious cameras available.

If you find yourself without a means to take a photo, take some time to just jot the moment down and date it. Have a box of some sort you can put these memories in until such time as you can bring them into your layouts. Just think of how fun it would be to open a box of memories and read through them at a later date.

While we are talking about capturing moments, please remember that there is more to life than just happiness or fun. We all have times of sorrow, fear, and other emotions. Just like journaling, it is good for us to remember these times and how we came through them. And the best part is, you don't have to share them with everyone or anyone if you choose.

You can create layouts that talk about your life journey that no one hasto see. These are the things that shape our lives and make us who and what we are. I would encourage you to preserve (even if it is briefly) some of the tough times.

3. Get Organized

Now that we have talked about the creative process and the events, let's talk about the process of gathering and organizing our materials for preservation. One of the biggest things I find helpful is having a good system of organization for photos, artwork, memory scraps and journaling.

There are physical items as well as digital items (or if you are like me, almost 98% is digital). Pick a system that works well for you and will help you meet your goals which we will talk about next.

Here is what I do for digital organization. Most of my work is saved to an external hard drive which is backed up by another external hard drive. This allows access for other family members to photos and documents as well.

For my photos, I have a main folder which houses them organized by a folder for each year, then inside the folder all of the days I took photos in. So, my folder would look like this: Parent Folder Name - 2011, SubFolder Name - 20110101 (this indicates year 2011, first month, first day).

Whatever you decide to do, be consistent. I have been consistent with this throughout my organization and find it fairly easy to get where I need to go in my folders. If I find I need further hints along the way, I add a description to the subfolders name, like, "20110621 Trip to Utah with Nephews." Just so the description comes after the date so I can continue to sort as needed.

There are other ways to help you get through your photos in powerful programs like Bridge, Lightroom, Picasa, and many more such as keywording, tagging and more. If you are interested in these, you might do a search online for more information. It is a vast subject, so don't get too tied up in it. Your goal is to get your photos and memories preserved and out there. Don't get worn out in organizing. It is easy to do!!

For jotted notes and journaling (again - I am digital), I use simple things like Evernote to jot down little thoughts and memories here and there and I also make use of notepad to do the same. You can file the notepad text document in the folder with the photos or timeframe you are referencing to keep things together. Then, when it comes time to make a layout, you can easily copy and paste the text from your file on to your layout. I think this was a trick I learned in Margie's PowerScrapping method some years ago!

My method may not work for all, but I hope it inspires you to have a look at how you can make things easy for you.

4. Set Goals

Goals big or small can help direct your journey in memory preservation. Set goals but make sure they are reasonable and not so big that you won't see them through.

Sit down and make a list of what you want to see in your memory preservation. This list can include: an album for the year, an album of each child's life, an album of a vacation you recently took, a photo for every day of the year, a layout of photos from each month, and so on. The options are wide open and shopping around for inspiration can give you an idea of all the things you can do!

Divide your goals out. Maybe set a goal for so many pages each month or week. Give yourself room for life and to breathe in your goals so you don't get discouraged!!

5. Don't get Caught Up in Perfection

I have really elaborated on the other points in this article, but I feel this one needs to be short and sweet! We have all seen beautiful pages that appear to have taken hours for the artist to complete. While we admire the art form, this kind of scrapbooking isn't for everyone. If you find yourself frustrated with a layout, close it and come back to it when you are refreshed. Maybe go back to the first item in this article and clear your mind through 5 minutes of journaling.

6. Most Importantly - Be Inspired!

Inspiration comes in many forms. Just looking around Digital Scrapbook Place is a great way to start! Check out the galleries - There is no shortage of inspiration here! Bookmark things that inspire you so you can come back to them later. Read books, watch ads, thumb through magazines, the world is full of inspiration!

I wish for all of you and your family and friends a prosperous and a healthy and Happy New Year! Here's to 2012!

Kim Liddiard, Senior Designer & DSP Store Administrator

Kim's Links:
Team Digital Bio
Personal Gallery
DSP Products

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Store News

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**************** Sales *****************

1 – New Year's Day Sale

5-6 – Product Showcase Sale

11 – Worth A Look Wednesday

19-22 – Erica Belton and Kim Liddiard Featured Designers Sale

30 – Missed 'Em Monday Sale

****************January Fun *****************

Hobby Month
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1 – New Year's Day
5 – National Bird Day
6 – Cuddle Up Day
10 – Peculiar People Day
13 – Blame Someone Else Day
13 – Friday the 13th
15 – National Hat Day
26 – Spouse's Day
31 – Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

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Club Digital

Are you a member of the club?


Start 2012 with a splash of colour and style with January's club digital selection. With two funky bright kits and the coordinating back pack that will add some punch to your winter photos, the very versatile and awesome plopper and the alphabet and geometric and bold filled circle stamps you will find yourself reaching for this collection time and time again whether January sees you deep in snow or at the beach. In addition there is a versatile 5 photo quick click template and simple pleasures word art to round out what has to be one of our best Club digital selections yet.

This month's content includes

  • Divalicious Page Kit
  • Winter Play Page Kit
  • Awesome Beauty Plopper
  • January Sticker Alphabet
  • Filled Circle Stamps
  • Simple Pleasures Word Art
  • Winter Sunshine Backpack
  • Corner Blossom Quick Click

Club Digital is the hottest club in town! Get your monthly fix of the best digital scrapbook products for an incredible price! Something to suit every style and level of digital scrapper!

Every issue of Club Digital includes two page kits, one plopper or overlay, a quick click template, an alphabet, some wordart, a font, and png stamps! As a Club member, you also receive an exclusive coupon for the DSP Shop and can enter an exclusive contest just for members (with great prizes)!

Over $27 in value for the incredible price of only $5.99/month! (Or as low as $4.99 with longer subscriptions!)
Club Digital is just $17.97 for three months ($5.99/month), $33.00 for six months ($5.50/month), or $59.88 for a full year ($4.99/month)!

Plus, Club members can WIN!
Purchase a three month subscription and you're entered to win a free upgrade to a six month subscription!
Purchase a six month subscription and you're entered to win a free upgrade to a twelve month subscription!
Purchase a twelve month subscription and you're entered to win a $30 coupon for the DSP store!

Here is a selection of layouts created by the DSP Team Digital using this month's Club Digital Selection.


Click here to find out more about Club Digital

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Shop Time Inspiration

It's time to SHOP... let's get those baskets at the ready.

You know you can do a search for anything using the advanced search feature located at the top right of your store page, right above the search box. For example "green Lauren" will just return Lauren's kits that have green in them, "hearts tina" will return Tina's kits with hearts in them. Try it, you'll like it!! You can also check out the Site Map for some fabulous links.

Gift Certificates.  Send anyone the perfect gift!! Gift Certificates are a wonderful way to say Merry Christmas!  Or Happy Birthday...or I Love You... or even Just Because!

Did You Know...
...you can get to the store by typing shop.dsp.me in your browser URL bar? Get to the store even faster!

Do you love the product you just purchased and want to tell others? Please consider doing a review... pass the good word along! We love to hear from you.

Here's some store inspiration for this month.


Simplicity in the New Year 

After the previous months of shopping, lugging bags, shipping boxes, and generally feeling like a pack mule, I'm ready to lighten my load. Every January I rediscover and redesign my Make It Mine 5 x 7 Photo Purse. It's the perfect size for my wallet, keys, phone, and maybe a chapstick. Just right! I update it with current photos (usually ones that do NOT include the colors red or green!) and a Word Art that helps me focus on the year ahead.

The 5 x 7 purse has both a long strap for wearing over your shoulder and shorter straps if you like to "grab & go". The inside pocket fits ID or credit cards, receipts, or business cards. Its magnetic snap closure closes securely, so you won't lose anything when you toss your purse on the passenger seat and drive off.

Design your own Make It Mine 5 x 7 Photo Purse (or 8 x 10 Purse, if you prefer a little more room) with DSP's newest graphics and show off your digital scrapbooking skills! You'll be amazed by how often people stop you in the stores to ask you about it!

My Make it Mine 5 x 7 Photo Purse created with designs from DSP's January Club Digital.

Happy shopping!

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Artful Activities – Creating Memories from Moments

When you first join DSP you want to devour every little bit of information there is and it seems a bit overwhelming at first but the absolutely best place to visit first off is the 'What's Happening' page, it's packed with useful information to help you choose to participate in a designer run challenge or contest or make a date to be at one of our awesome chat sessions. To find out the daily and weekly fun at DSP check out the calendar of activities, there's never a dull moment at DSP and you're sure to find something to your taste to challenge you artistically. 

Contests, Challenges and Chats

Stay current on challenges with the What’s Due thread, which will keep you up to date on all the challenges on the site and when they are due.

  • Designer ExclusivesOur Designers are the best there are and they are really generous, if you enter one of their challenges you’re more than likely to receive a chat and/or posting bonus just by using their nominated kit for the challenge. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – like more stash for less bucks with these great challenges.
  • Inspiration Station (IS News)
    This is a call to all dedicated DSP scrappers to "strut your stuff" and inspire us with your creations. Just choose any or all of the calls for layouts the current month and you could be showcased in our Newsletter or Blog. We have a few rules so check them out and then join in the fun. Check out the current edition of Inspiration Station News or here for Previous Issues.
  • Project 365a project for how YOU scrap. Check out our Project 365 chats and the Project 365 store category.
  • Scrap with the DETDigital Elite Team and DET Alumni
    Our past and current Elite group of scrappers have some great challenges going at the moment and you’re sure to get well chosen CC should you need it – learn from the best
  • Elite Challenges - be sure to check out the challenges run by our DET Alumni and DET.
  • The Grannies If you’re a Granny or a Granny In Training (GIT) or just a Wannabe, you might like to see what other Grannies are up to, what challenges they have going. There is never a dull moment when you join this happy band of digi-scrappers.
  • IOTW – Item of the week Abby
    The Item Of The Week is priced to sell, so create a LO using the IOTW and be in a draw to win a free kit.
  • SNL – Saturday Night LiveRenee S
    This is where anyone can create their own digital scrapbook kits to share with other SNLers, from elements and papers to word art.
  • Odds and Ends - Mars and nekobus
    There's always something a little different going on in the Odds and Ends forum. With a variety of challenges and a little bit of off the wall fun, there's something for everyone.

This is just a small selection of popular challenges that DSP currently has running but be sure to check all of them out here. And we have a special blinkie to place in your signature to always remind you where to find the best scrapbooking challenges on the web. Check the end of the first post in the What's Happening thread for the blinkie code.

Happy Scrapping!

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DSU Information


Start here! This free class is an online article that walks you through digital scrapbooking step-by-step and explains all the basics from software and graphics to printing and sharing. It is always available from this page and www.digitalscrapbooking101.com!

CURRENT CLASS SCHEDULE (Click here to see all DSU class descriptions)

January Classes

DSU130Corel Paint Shop Pro: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
DSU151Taking Better Snapshots
DSU152Delving Into Exposure
Adobe Photoshop Elements: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking
DSU195Wacom & Creative Fun
DSU220Adobe Photoshop: Brushes(Pre-requisite- DSU 110 or similar experience)
Adobe Photoshop: Montage and Advanced Montage (self-paced)
Adobe Photoshop Elements: Creating Digital Elements for Beginners (Pre-requisite - DSU 160 or similar experience)

February Classes

DSU110Adobe Photoshop: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking 
Taking Better Snapshots 
Delving into Exposure 
Adobe Photoshop Elements: Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking 
Wacom & Creative Fun
Adobe Photoshop: Creating Digital Elements for Beginners and Advanced Users (self-paced) 
Adobe Photoshop: Intro to Brushes 
–  Adobe Photoshop Elements: Creating Digital Elements for Advanced Users

Be sure to visit DSU for information regarding these and our other great classes! 

We would love to hear your suggestions on future classes too.  Send your ideas to dsu@digitalscrapbookplace.com.

DSU Dean

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Desktop Calendar Plopper

January 2012


Specially designed ploppers for your computer desktop. These calendars were made by Senior Designer Erica Belton. Download the ploppers by clicking on the image above (Sizes: 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1440x900 and 1680x1050  are included.)

Add your picture, angle and size as you please, add journaling, and save it as a jpg. Then update your desktop wallpaper background by browsing to your new image! Voilà! Favorite photos matched with this month's calendar to help keep you up-to-date all month! Look for a new one each month in our newsletter!

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Newsletter Challenge

We are always striving to make our newsletter more interesting and useful. If you have an idea, let us know about it! If it's an article idea, a feature, even something you'd like to write, shout it out to us. So, put your thinking caps on and come up with some new features, article ideas, or something fun you'd like to see in our monthly newsletter. Then email it to comments@dsplace.com. (Please type "Newsletter IDEA" in the subject line of your email.) We can't wait to see your ideas!

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Newsletter Freebie


For our newsletter readers, download this exclusive DigiPaint Grunge Set by Kim Liddiard here!

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