HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant
(inside Pixel Magic Software Package)

Extracting objects from photos

You can quickly cut out an object from a photo in Creative Scrapbook Assistant. It’s much faster and easier than doing it in any photo editing software too!

Start with a photo with a very good contrast. The subject should not blend into the background or have very light and very dark areas. In the examples below, #1 would not work well, but #2 would.
#1 #2

To begin, open your photo. Click on the Images Tab on the top, then on Get Other Content and choose the appropriate folder. Click your desired photo on the Images Tab to make it appear in the work space. Right click on the photo and choose Create New Shape.

Adjust the Edge Contrast slider until just the image you want to keep is in black, following the instructions on the window. Be sure to click Negative Image if necessary.

You can save this new shape to a certain project or just Sample Project. The shape will now appear in your Shapes Tab.

Click on the shape to bring it into your work space then drag your photo inside the shape. The shape will have a temporary green outline when the photo is placed correctly to go inside the shape.

When the photo is inside the shape, everything outside will be hidden, so the object will appear “cut out”. Then adjust the photo position and size so it fits perfectly into the shape.

Now you can add backgrounds and embellishements to use your shaped photo on a scrapbook page!


Photos and cute little kids by Suzanne C. Walker.

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