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Creating a Pearl in Photoshop

1. Start with creating a new file with the following settings:

2. Select white as foreground color and draw a circle with an ellipse tool

3. Go Layer>Layer Style> Inner Shadow. Adjust the settings as shown.

You can choose whatever color you like for the inner shadow - it actually defines the tint of the pearl. Experiment! You can use pinks, lilacs, blues or yellows- it's up to you. Now the base of your pearl is ready:

4. Let's add some shadowing. Again go Layer>Layer Style> Drop Shadow. Use the following settings:

5. Your pearl sure needs some shine. Choose a 45 px feathered brush and add one or two strokes at the top:

6. To make it more realistic, let's add more shine at the bottom. Select an ellipse tool and draw a circle as shown:

7. Now press "-" on your keyboard and draw another circle above the previous one:

8. Rasterize your layer. Right click it in the layer palette and select "Rasterize".

9. Go Filter>Blur>Gaussian blur. Apply the following settings:

10. Now say woo whoo with your first self-created pearl!

© 2007 Irene Alexeeva

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