Tutorial: Stitching using brushes and paths in Photoshop

Stitching is really easy in photoshop using brushs, the layers palette and paths

Firstly we need to make our stitch brushes.
I am going to make a straight stitch and a zig zag stitch brush

Our straight stitch is basically a straight line that is slightly curved on the eges
See fig 1


Edit- define brush and name your brush ( straight stitch- or something you recognise)

Now open the image you want to stitch on.
Select your element – modify- reduce the selection till the selection lies where you want your stitiching to be applied (fig2)

and then go to the paths palette and select make work path from selection


Now go to your brushes and select your new stitch – in the brushes palette adjust the size and spacing of your brush to your desired spacing –(fig and
Set the angle in the shape dynamics section to direction



Create a new layer for your stitching
Go back to the paths palette and select stroke path with brush


Add a bevel and a tiny drop shadow to your stitching.
You may like to add some indentations to the “fabric”
I do this by duplicating my stitching layer ( drop it below your current stitching) – go to blending mode and reduce the fill opacity to zero – and then create a downwards bevel

To create a zigzag stitch – make a new brush

use it in the same way – adjusting the spacing and angle to direction.
And you will have great zig zag stitching

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